Jusfy is building the ultimate operational system for lawyers and law firms in Brazil,  starting with price revision in contracts (abusive interest, index price adjustments, equivalent fees), aiming to win the local category with a modern, Vertical SaaS product, integrated with all courts, bureaus, Central Bank,  and all the 27 Brazilian State DMVs.

Furthermore, the team aims to expand its product offerings by adding features such as asset finder/seizing assets, jurisprudence search engine, electronic signatures, automatic petitions, and much more, covering all needs of the modern, tech-savvy lawyer and becoming a turnkey solution for the industry.

Finally, Jusfy plans to extend its products through the value chain, selling to other key stakeholders beyond lawyers and law firms. Our thesis in Jusfy, thus, sticks to a classic industry, vertical integration SaaS opportunity in the Brazilian legal market.

Before we get into details, it is worth sharing some context for non-Brazilian investors/non-legal professionals to highlight why we are so excited about this investment opportunity. The lawtech space in Latam is flourishing, supported by a new generation of modern, tech-savvy lawyers, demanding software automation to deal with the fact that they spend almost 50% of their time on repetitive, operational activities. It accounts for almost 30% of an average lawyer’s revenue!

According to OAB (Brazilian Bar Association), there are 1.35 million active lawyers in Brazil, which is expected to grow to 2 million by 2024. The region has just surpassed the USA and now has the world's highest proportion of lawyers per capita.


Lawyers typically waste almost 50% of their time on non-core activities such as calculations, reviews, and search for assets (sizing), addresses, and jurisprudences. Law firms usually use at least 5 to 6 different tools/software to perform these activities daily. We believe there’s a clear space for a platform that offers a complete suite of services for the lawyer's routine.

Sound Traction

Jusfy started onboarding customers in a PLG strategy that’s been showing outstanding results in customer acquisition. Akin to the journey of other PLG-oriented companies, we’ve seen users being exposed to the product by a word-of-mouth referral, then trying the product once, then becoming customers, and finally referring Jusfy to their employees. We see a lot of quick wins in terms of pricing adjustments, bundling, and M&As.

Rafael Bagolin (CEO) and Juliano Lima (CTO) went from 0 to 4.120 users and $50k MRR having raised only $20k back in 2020 in a FFF round. The business has run profitable since January this year and is raising this $1.3M Seed led by SaaSholic Fund II to become Latam’s largest legal tech.

The team’s ability to test, learn, and ship new features quickly impressed us. Since its inception, the company has added several new features and 4 new products besides its initial price revision calculator.

The founders combine the best of both worlds whereas Rafael is an experienced lawyer with strong business acumen (led Medianeira Group from $20M to $50M in revenues) and Juliano, a computer engineer with over 10 years of experience in product development, architecture, and software engineering.